Failure: Why it’s Not a Bad Thing

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Failure is a part of life. You can’t make it through life without ever experiencing failure at some level. Whether you fail in some part of your business, your relationships or on a personal level it’s going to happen.

Let’s face it, it’s scary to think of putting your heart and soul into something only to be rejected. Our fear of failure can show up in ways like self-sabotage, perfectionism or low self-esteem. The possibility of failure makes us want to be more cautious and for some of us, it may even make you not want to try. Take a look at why failure doesn’t mean game over unless you quit.failure: why it's not a bad thing

Failure Means You’re Attempting Something

Without risk, there is no reward. Sure, taking risks means you may fail but it also means you could be on the verge of something great. It takes courage to pursue something. If you’re not prepared to be wrong you won’t be prepared to succeed.

Failure Causes Growth

Failure is feedback. It causes you to look closer at what you’re doing and do it in a different or better way. It makes you more determined. When you go to the gym if you want to build muscle you need to work your muscles until failure. The perception is the muscles have failed, but you’re actually building your muscles and getting stronger. When you fail you learn and grow.

Failure Can Lead Toward Success

Every successful person has failed at something in their life. In fact, many times it’s what led them to what made them successful. Fearing failure can cause you to not pursue your dreams. But don’t give up. If you never fail, you probably aren’t trying enough new things. Failing gives us the questions we need to find our answers or even a new way of doing something.

Making mistakes is what makes us human and gives us the opportunity to start again. Failing doesn’t mean you did make a mistake. It could just mean you’re heading in another direction. Who knows you may even do it better the second time around!

“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.” -Buddha

Have you ever failed at something only to realized it was a blessing? Leave your reply in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

failure: why it's not a bad thing