What is Authentic Wealth: How it Will Make You a Happier Person

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Have you ever sought out financial wealth and thought it was the answer to your problems?  I have. While having financial wealth will make your life easier in a lot of ways it is just one pillar.what is authentic wealth: How it will make you a happier person


If you recently heard the term authentic wealth you may be wondering what it is exactly. When you think of wealth you mainly think of financial or material wealth. But if I asked you what you value in life you might say your family, friends or health.

Authentic wealth is the interdependent relationship of all areas in your life that matter.

Physical Wealth

Having physical wealth means you take care of your body, exercise, eat right and give your body the sleep it requires. Without physical wealth very little can be enjoyed. How you manage your health and body can determine how you experience the world around you. Physical wealth means you exhibit self-love and stay connected and in communication with your body and it’s needs.

Relationship Wealth

You are connected to family, friends or a partner and have a sense of community. Relationship wealth means you have someone to talk things through with if needed and feel a strong network and support system around you. You are engaged in your community and have someone to share your dreams and goals with. Your social and emotional needs are met and you feel you have people (or a person) around you that you can count on.

Spiritual Wealth

Spiritual wealth is believing in and connecting to a higher power. It’s knowing there is something greater out there than you and having faith in that higher power. Having spiritual wealth is connecting to your higher self, listening to your intuition and trusting in the universe. Spiritual wealth is practicing the art of abundance and gratitude.

Intellectual Wealth

Intellectual wealth means you’re aware of your environment and what’s going on around you. It’s exercising your mind, learning something new, continuing to grow and educating yourself with wisdom. Having intellectual wealth means you continuously expose yourself to stimulating experiences, hobbies, passions and things you find interesting.

Personal Wealth

This can be the most difficult type of wealth to define but it can be the most rewarding. Personal wealth is found through your sense of values. It’s the freedom to spend time on the things that matter most to you (time wealth) and live your life with purpose. Having personal wealth means you’re true to yourself, your dreams and ideas. It’s maintaining your self-worth and taking action on the things in your life you feel are meaningful.

Work-Life Wealth

Work life wealth means you have a purpose and feel a sense of drive towards something greater than yourself. Even if you’re working 9-5 you feel a sense of pride in what you do and that it matters. You feel confident in your direction and you’re a productive and happy member of your community.

Financial Wealth

Financial wealth is the accumulation of resources and what we think of most when we think of wealth. Money, gold, stocks, bonds, savings, investments and real estate minus any debts are how most people would define wealth. It’s the measure of your financial assets.

Financial wealth to you could be choosing what you do with the money you earn, building passive income streams, not having toxic debt, having peace of mind and financial freedom, deciding how you spend your time and being able to pursue the opportunities available to you.

Authentic wealth is taking your life from pre-determined to self-determined. It’s thinking about the long term but enjoying the short term. Authentic wealth is about finding consistency in what matters most and making it a priority so you can live a happy and balanced life that works for you. 

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