The Only Reason You Should Read YOU are a Badass at Making Money (My Review)

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You should only read this book if you’re prepared to laugh out loud and ready to change how you feel about money. It’s a master the mindset of wealth kinda book that may even be a game-changer for you. It was for me.

Jen Sincero is a success coach. She’s hilarious, witty and someone you want to meet and get to know. You may have heard bits and pieces of this stuff before but not quite like this. You are a Badass at Making Money is not your average personal finance or money-making book.

Sincero gets personal sharing how she went from financial mediocrity to getting out of her own way. She doesn’t hold back and shows you exactly how she’s created a magnificent life she loves.

Jen points out that it’s not the obstacles like ideas, opportunity or time that keep you from making money it’s that we don’t give ourselves permission to become rich.

In this book, Jen will show you how your outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside and your beliefs about yourself and money are what’s holding you back. She will lead you through a process that changes your focus from limitations to the abundance that’s already there.

Sincero recognizes we all have the ability to harness the power of the universe and align with our truest self. She reminds you to be aware of what comes out of your mouth because it’s coming into your world. At the end of each chapter, she shares success stories and helpful Get Rich mantras and exercises.

Even if this information is not new to you and you’ve read other money mindset books Jen shares details of her best financial advice and helps you see that financial abundance really is an inside job.

If your experience reading this book is anything like mine you’ll feel sad when you start nearing the last few pages. Lucky for you Jen’s written others like:

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The Only Reason You Should Read YOU are a Badass at Making Money (My Review)