My Honest Review of Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms: Amanda Steinberg

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Worth It examines the relationship between women, self-worth and money. Amanda Steinberg is the author of Worth It: Your Life Your Money, Your Terms and the founder and CEO of

We’ve needed this book for a long time…

As an upper-middle-class feminist, Amanda shares her money story.  She was a computer programmer earning well beyond six figures. A high earner who was also a big spender. When life threw her one too many curveballs she had to hit the reset button. She acknowledges everyone makes mistakes and gets in a tight spot. Steinberg shares and examines her own money story and how she started over again.

Amanda’s approach is refreshing.  She talks about the challenges women face while examining the statistics that prove we still lag behind men in the amount of earning power, savings and wealth. She focuses on how to manage money by living below your means, saving to spend and positive net worth.

Throughout the book, Steinberg references a financial metaphor she learned from her mother. You need roots and wings. Roots are the type of investments needed to ground you in your life (real estate, retirement, investments, a business) and wings are your assets (income, cash, savings and credit).

Worth It is more than a “how to take control of your financial life”.

It’s a big-picture approach that encourages women to write the rules and get out of their money story to create financial stability. No more living in a money coma and letting your husband control the finances. She puts you in control of your life and helps you view money as a source of personal power and freedom.

My take away is that women might not lack the knowledge of their finances as much as the necessary level of confidence needed to know their worth it!

Have you read Worth It? I couldn’t put it down. Tell me thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

My honest review of worth it: your life, your money, your terms | amanda steinberg