How to set and accomplish goals (for what you really want in life)

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They say life happens when you’re making plans but what if you haven’t made any real plans? Do you ever think about doing something for yourself or your life and that’s as far as you get? I’m a huge fan of being present and living in the now but if you’re not setting goals you’re not going in any particular direction.

Achieving your goals takes time, commitment and perseverance. Setting intentional goals makes you more likely to achieve them. Achieving big and small goals will keep you motivated and make you feel good about your life. Here are five ways to set and accomplish your goals.

Your goals must align with your purpose for life

Does it seem like what you want in life is always somewhere out there? The problem is not you. In order to achieve your dreams, your goals need to be in alignment with your life purpose.

We all have interests, gifts and talents that show us a direction we’re supposed to be going in. What do you want to accomplish in life? Who do you want to serve? When you choose a goal to work towards, make sure your goals are in alignment with what you want to create in your life.How to set and accomplish goals (for what you really want in life)

Know your why

Identifying your goal and the motivation behind why you want to achieve it will help you stay motivated. Your why is the purpose or reason for doing and being. Understanding your “why” will keep you going during tough times, help you achieve more and keep you aligned with what’s important to you.

Set achievable goals

Think about your end goal and what you want to achieve. Break your goal down into the small attainable steps you need to take to get there. It’s easy to get distracted by busy work. Check in with yourself daily – is what you’re doing today in line with your goal and what you want to accomplish?

Write it down 

Define what you want rather than mentally jumping from one thought to another. Writing your goals down makes them more concrete. Write your goals out in detail and describe exactly what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. Put your goals somewhere you can see them every day. Track your progress by creating deadlines for yourself. Share your goals with a positive force in your life. Preferably someone who will help hold you accountable.

Visualize it

Visualize your goals by seeing them play out in your life. Visualization can help you step into the energy of being what it is you want to achieve. How does it feel to be or do the things you’ve been wanting in your life? See the details play out and get the energy of it. Create a vision board, take a picture or draw one of you successfully achieving your goals.

How to set and accomplish goals (for what you really want in life)