How to Make Big Decisions Without Looking Back

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When it comes to making a decision you drive yourself crazy. You spend endless hours recycling your thoughts and analyzing every possible outcome. You want to make the right choice in line with who you are but you’re afraid of making a mistake.

A choice is easy when one side is clearly better than the other. But what about when you’re facing a big decision and the decision requires more thought?

You can always flip a coin or phone a friend but these four strategies may help you streamline a decision.How to Make Big Decisions Without Looking Back

Make a pros and cons list

It’s important to consider all the alternatives when making a decision. Making a pros and cons list can help you understand the situation more clearly. An effective decision making strategy will help you analyze what you already know. Getting all the information out of your brain can feel like a release and will help you speed up the process. It will also allow you to see the reasoning behind your choices.

Meditate about it

Meditation can help strengthen and quiet your mind. When faced with a decision, your mind is analyzing every thought and emotion available to it. A racing mind makes it difficult to become aware of the decision that’s best for you. There are many ways to meditate. At this moment sit in a quiet place. Become aware and witness all the thoughts going through your mind right now but don’t follow them. Surrender to this moment and let go of any decision you think you have to make. Make it your intention to be present for the next few minutes while you meditate. Once you’re finished meditating just notice (don’t expect) if you have any awarenesses in the space you’ve created.

Follow your intuition

It’s easy to get bombarded when your mind and heart are telling you something different. Your gut feelings are there to guide you and your behavior. Your inner voice is more rational than you think. It doesn’t mean you ignore reason it just means you become aware of what your hunch is alluding to. Make sure you are listening to your intuition and not your ego. Your intuition will give you positive guidance and many times your ego will be negative and fear based.

Don’t obsess over an outcome

Remember your decision is just a gateway into the direction you want your life to take. There is no perfect outcome. Instead of obsessing over whether the decision is right, ask yourself if the decision is in line with who you want to become? Which decision will bring you more joy? Don’t second guess yourself. You can handle whatever decision you make. Trust your awareness and move forward with self-confidence.

How do you make big decisions? Leave them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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How to Make Big Decisions Without Looking Back