How to deal with rejection (the healthy way)

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I recently reached out to a fairly large company to ask the founder if I could interview her. I was really excited to share the company and their unique approach to financial planning with you.

I spent time researching the company, prepared the list of interview questions and reached out to get the founder’s contact information. After emailing with her marketing manager I received a response that said “Hi Celina, Thank you for your interest in interviewing Shannon. We’re currently in a busy season and are not able to participate in an interview at this time. Thank you for reaching out.

Initially, all the feelings that come with rejection took over. I was looking forward to interviewing her so I felt discouraged and really disappointed.

While I don’t suspect I’ll be hearing from them any time soon I’m actually grateful they rejected me. It taught me a better way to approach someone in the future and I learned a lot.  I did not let the rejection or my reaction define me. I chose to take the emotion out of it, not make it personal and used it to move forward.

How to deal with rejection 

Rejection is part of life. It gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself and the people around you. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, not a pity party. If you’re not getting rejected you’re not trying hard enough. Not everyone will see your vision or be focused on the same things you’re focused on.

It’s uncomfortable but don’t let rejection hold you back. You can experience rejection on a small or large scale. The more rejection you have the easier it is to overcome and the more desensitized you become to it. Ask yourself “how can I make this better, easier or more helpful.”

Rejection is the foundation that fuels innovation and success.

Feeling dismissed or turned down never feels good, especially if it’s personal. However, rejection is mere evidence that you’re living your life and doing what you’re supposed to be doing to move forward. While it’s flattering to have confirmation you’re “accepted”, recognize the opportunity may not be right for you (or them).

Stay committed to the process

If you don’t take the shot you can’t miss but then you’re not in the game. After experiencing rejection it’s important to stay engaged. If you need to – go back and make a change.  Commit to working harder the next time you try or take a different approach. Always ask for feedback regardless of the outcome.

Once you’ve experienced rejection you may have “fear of rejection”. You may not want to try again or avoid situations where you could experience rejection. How do you see your rejection?  Are you beating yourself up? Finding fault in yourself will negatively affect your self-esteem. Be compassionate with yourself. What advice would give your friend if she was in the same situation?

After experiencing rejection look for ways to rebuild your confidence and keep asking for more. Remember, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, disappointed or discouraged. It means you’re trying something outside your comfort zone. Use the rejection to grow stronger and be better. Most importantly, get back out there and keep going after what it is you want.

Do you have any tips for overcoming rejection? Leave your comments below.

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how to deal with rejection the healthy way