Gratitude List: 63 Reasons To Be Instantly Grateful

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Have you ever felt kinda “blah” about life? Your eyes open in the morning and you’re already focused on the things that bother you. If you’re just not feeling excited about anything don’t worry you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

After leaving the city for the burbs my life drastically changed and so did my attitude. I was stuck in a rut. I was tired of feeling unhappy and frankly,gratitude list 63 reasons to be instantly grateful w I was tired of myself. I was focused on what I lost instead of everything I had in my life. I wanted out of the funk so I sat down to write a gratitude list. By number 11 I was already feeling better!

Gratitude really is the secret to finding more happiness.

Anytime I feel myself slipping into a not so happy place, I open up my gratitude list and read it. It helps me remember all the blessings that are around me and just how lucky I am.

Here are 63 reasons to be grateful:

  1. For being you – because there is only one you.
  2. Your family – for always being there and loving you.
  3. Your partner – for sharing your life.
  4. Your kid(s) – for teaching you to be present, unconditional love and patience.
  5. Your friends – for being there, showing up and seeing you for who you are.
  6. Your health – because life would not be the same without it.
  7. Animals – for the unconditional love, happiness and companionship they give you.
  8. For life.
  9. God/Spirituality/the Source.
  10. A nice home.
  11. Delicious healthy food to eat.
  12. Exercise – the way it makes you feel.
  13. Yoga/meditation and the peace it brings.
  14. Learning something new – education.
  15. Every day is a new day – a fresh start to choose something different if that’s what you want.
  16. Faith over fear.
  17. Changing seasons.
  18. The sound of the birds chirping.
  19. Plants/flowers – the beauty they bring to the world.
  20. The smell of freshly baked cookies.
  21. Music – what a gift.
  22. Technology/Internet.
  23. Hugs and kisses – touch.
  24. Dark chocolate.
  25. Laughter.
  26. Kind people – for showing me what I want to be.
  27. A warm bath on a cold day.
  28. Clean sheets and a comfy bed.
  29. A good nights sleep.
  30. Clean running water.
  31. Electricity.
  32. Sunshine.
  33. Sandy beaches.
  34. Shade from a tree – on a hot sunny day.
  35. A good book.
  36. Rainbows.
  37. Rainy Saturday’s.
  38. Snow days.
  39. Art – the beauty and inspiration it gives us.
  40. Good movies.
  41. Nice clothes to wear.
  42. Foot rubs.
  43. A warm fire on a cold day.
  44. A cold drink on a hot day.
  45. Travel.
  46. A long walk or run.
  47. Color – the beauty it brings to our world.
  48. Your body.
  49. Miracles.
  50. A cup of tea.
  51. Time to yourself.
  52. A bike ride.
  53. Holidays and birthdays.
  54. Family tradition.
  55. Air to breath.
  56. Transportation.
  57. Communication.
  58. Money in the bank.
  59. Discounts on something you really want- because it makes it that much better.
  60. Photographs – they capture a moment in time.
  61. A beautiful view.
  62. This blog – for connecting us.
  63. Gratitude – because it helped me appreciate the other 62 reasons on this list I have to be grateful.

We have so many reasons to be happy and celebrate what is. Gratitude is a simple way of being appreciative and thankful for all the blessings that are around us. The more you show gratitude the more things to be grateful for will show up.

What you’re grateful for? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

gratitude list 63 reasons to be instantly grateful w