8 Life Saving Time Management Tips For Work at Home Moms

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Being a mom is hard. Being a work at home mom is harder. Sure, you have the best of both worlds but your to-do list is endless and the struggle is real. Time management might not be high on your priority list but it should be.

If you’re not driving your kids to school, swim, soccer or a doctor’s appointment you’re running to the grocery store, doing laundry and trying to keep your house clean. Now add to that your desire to build your own business and work from home and you’re one busy mama!8 life saving time management tips for work at home moms

Prioritize your day

Start your day before your kids wake up. Take a shower, get dressed and put on some makeup. You’ll be more productive when you feel good.

Schedule your most important tasks when you’re most productive. If you’re more productive in the morning schedule that time to accomplish tasks that require the most brain power. Save tasks like checking email for times when you’re burnt out.

Eliminate distractions

Be mindful of distractions and time-wasters. I like to get up 10 minutes earlier on days I write so I can tidy up the house before we leave for school dropoff. It’s distracting to come home to morning’s aftermath.

Create a designated work area. If you have an office or an empty bedroom you can use, that’s great. Otherwise, try to find a nook you can set up somewhere that is only used for work. Keep your focus by finding a place and time that works best for you. 

If you’re distracted at home and have a few hours without the kids, go to a coffee shop or the library until you regain your focus. If your little ones are still at home full-time, you could join a gym that offers childcare. This is a lifesaver for me. I workout for an hour and then squeeze in an hour or two of work while my son is busy having fun.

If you’re not using your phone for whatever task you’re working on, put it in your bag or another room. Get it out of sight and out of reach.

Set achievable goals

Set daily and weekly goals. Break your weekly goals down into daily goals and then pencil them into your calendar or to-do list. Breaking down large goals into smaller achievable steps will help you take action. 

I don’t know about you but I need to see my goals written down on paper. I love my iPhone calendar and task management apps but I still like a handwritten list to get through the day.

Whatever method you choose to manage your goals (sticky notes, to-do lists, calendars, whiteboards, apps etc.) make sure you prioritize your work and keep it somewhere visual to keep yourself accountable.

Get organized

Focus on a single task at a time. As a mom, this sounds ridiculous because multitasking is what we do. However, studies have proven that multitasking can actually lead to inefficiency. Knock an item off your list and then move on to the next. Accomplishing one thing is much more motivating than a little bit of several.

It’s always a good idea to group like tasks. It gives you a sense of direction and keeps you from jumping around and wasting time.

Create a schedule

Create and establish a schedule by having dedicated office hours. Write down everything you need to do and identify the task with the amount of time you have. Tackle the most difficult task first.  Make the most of your time by streamlining processes you do every day. 


Focus your energy where you’ll have the most results. Make yourself accountable by putting reminders on your phone but don’t force yourself. If I’m not in the mood to write but I still want to be productive I’ll go into Canva or Picmonkey and design the pin for a post I’m working on. The creative juices usually get me excited to write again.

Unsubscribe from emails you’re not reading. Spending 20 minutes or more deleting email that no longer interests you is a waste of time. 


Once you add automation to your life you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Find ways to automate your daily tasks to simplify your life. Use automation to pay your bills, save for retirement and transfer money into your savings.


Take care of yourself and schedule breaks to avoid burnout. I like to go workout to clear my head. Maybe you prefer lunch with a friend or a walk with the dog. Delegate tasks by hiring a cleaner or babysitter. Ask for help and learn to say no. Those extra uninterrupted hours can go a long way.  

Do you have any time management tips that work for you? Share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

8 life saving time management tips for work at home moms