39 Blog Niches You Can Make Money With as a Work at Home Mom

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I don’t know about you but when I was working outside the home, I felt guilty for not being there. When I became a stay at home mom, I wanted something for me and felt I should be doing more to contribute to family finances. It’s tough to find balance as a mom. If you learn how to start a blog you can work at home, be with your kids and make money. It’s not easy but you can do it!39 blog niches you can make money with as a work at home mom p

One of the first steps to starting a blog is choosing your niche. I’ve put together a list of 39 blog niches to inspire you so you can get started.

1. Parenting and Pregnancy tips

What you can blog about: getting pregnant, changes in pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum, conscious parenting, getting back in shape, supplies you need, breastfeeding and sleep training.

Example of a parenting and pregnancy blog: Mommy on Purpose was started by Carly a mom of two little ones. She shares practical new mom advice from her own experiences. Carly blogs about helping other moms live their best life. Whether that’s through mommy tips, staying organized, working from home, breastfeeding or postpartum.

Mommy on Purpose

2. Fashion

What you can blog about: fashion, latest fashion trends, style, capsule wardrobes, designer items for less, get the look and your unique style.

Example of a fashion blog: Motherchic is a parenting and fashion blog that writes about what to wear, date night, maternity, work wear and kids clothing. Lindsey acknowledges motherhood isn’t always glamorous, but there is no shame in trying. She believes we as mothers deserve to feel great about ourselves and her job is to help us find the outfits to do it in!

The Motherchic

3. Education

What you can blog about: resources for teachers, lessons, printables, homeschooling, latest trends in education, learning tools and techniques, safety in the classroom, ways to keep children active, new resources and books.

Example of an education blog: The Measured Mom is a resource for teachers, homeschooling parents and parents who want to supplement their child’s learning. Anna a mother of six and former M.E.d teacher provides thoughtful articles and free printable resources on her blog.

The Measured Mom

4. Beauty and Makeup

What you can blog about: beauty and makeup tips and trends, How To’s, style, hair tips, skin care tips, natural products and products for less.

Example of a Beauty Blog: Shari a blogger of 16 years, mom and self-proclaimed beauty junkie started The Misty Mom after getting pregnant and dropping by the MAC counter. Feeling inspired after buying and photographing four lipsticks her beauty, style and mom blog was born.

The Misty Mom

5. Lifestyle

What you can blog about: Style, fashion, living, personal interests, home decor, daily activities, beauty, self care, food, travel, leisure, hobbies, health and fitness, finances, parenting and family.

Example of a lifestyle blog: Mother is a lifestyle blog for the modern mother. The blog covers motherhood, style, living, beauty, food and travel. It was started by two mom bloggers who saw a gap in the market for a full-service, style-leaning parenting site.


6. DIY

What you can blog about: DIY furniture, home renovation projects, DIY design and DIY craft and art projects.

Example of a DIY blog: The DIY Mommy started as a place where mom blogger Christina could share baby crafts. It slowly morphed into something more with crafts for babies, moms and the home. As a mother of three girls and work at home mom she offers DIY home decor tutorials, craft ideas, kids activity ideas, free sewing patterns, family recipe ideas and free printable artwork.

The DIY Mommy

7. Technology and Gadgets

What you can blog about: parenting with technology, kids and technology, online safety, laptops, apps, cell phones, ipads, games and education.

Example of a tech blog: Kristen and Liza are two mom bloggers that describe Cool Mom Tech as the intersection of tech and style of parenting. The blog is a go-to source for parents who want common-sense info about tech from moms who use tech in their everyday life.

Cool Mom Tech

8. Home Decor

What you can blog about: home decor, furniture, decorating, storage, organizing and decluttering.

Example of a home decor/organizing blog: Just a Girl and Her Blog was started as a creative outlet by Abby, a mother of two boys. She wanted a place to share her passions for creating a beautiful, thriving home, life, and business. Abby was so successful with her blog her husband eventually quit his job and started working with her. They share tips on organizing, decorating and blogging.

Just a girl and her blog

9. Cleaning

What you can blog about: cleaning tips, cleaning methods, cleaning products, organizing, storage, housekeeping, managing tasks and productivity.

Example of a cleaning blog: Becky a mom of three, started Clean Mama as a place to help the overwhelmed keep a clean house while enjoying their family and life. She’s a cleaning and homekeeping expert, author of two books and a business owner. Becky’s developed a simple cleaning routine, offers a monthly subscription called Homekeeping Society, sells homekeeping printables and Clean Mama Home products. There’s not much she doesn’t do!

Clean Mama

10. Pilates

What you can blog about: Pilates, yoga, rehabbing after pregnancy, health and fitness, routines, food, workouts, challenges, fitness tips and trends.

Example of a Pilates blog: Cassey from Blogilates is a Pilates and fitness instructor. She blogs about workouts, foods and challenges. She’s not a mom blogger but she has done so well with her blog and youtube channel I thought she would inspire you.


11. Health and Fitness

What you can blog about: fitness tips and trends, workouts with and without equipment, routines, motivation, food, pregnancy and fitness, fitness post-pregnancy, weight loss, workouts with baby and inspiration.

Example of a fitness and health blog: Sia, a mother and certified personal trainer struggled with her weight while in nursing school. She started Diary of a Fit Mommy to inspire, motivate and shape fit mommies. She blogs about diet, fitness, lifestyle, little ones, postpartum, pregnancy, travel and wellness. Sia uses her blog to hold herself accountable.

Diary of a Fit Mommy

12. Food 

What you can blog about: food recipes, healthy recipes, easy recipes, meal planning, desserts, holidays, seasonal recipes, vegan food, vegetarian food, baby food, toddler food and special diets.

Example of a food blog: Weelicious is one of my favorite food blogs. Started back in 2007, it’s full of simple, nutritious healthy recipes your kids will want to eat. Catherine the owner of Weelicious has written two cookbooks One Family. One Meal. and Weelicious Lunches: Think Outside the Lunchbox. She’s also launched One Potato an organic home meal delivery kit service focused specifically on the dinnertime needs of families.


13. Vegetarianism

What you can blog about: being a vegetarian, food recipes for a vegetarian, how to become a vegetarian, eating out, nutrition and easy to make recipes.

Example of a vegetarian blog: Cindy Gordon is the Vegetarian Mamma. She blogs about easy to make recipes, gluten-free, vegetarian and allergy friendly foods.

Vegetarian Mamma

14. Work at Home Mom (WAHM)

What you can blog about: working from home, making money from home, jobs you can do from home, working at home with small kids, productivity and time management when working from home.

Example of a work at home mom blog: Elna Cain from Twinsmommy helps other moms make money blogging, increase their website traffic, grow their email list and income and turn their blog into a business that thrives. I love reading her blog. As the name suggests she has twins and blogs a lot about being a work at home mom.


15. Arts and Crafts

What you can blog about: preschool crafts, toddler crafts, paper crafts, sensory projects, crafts for kids, holiday and seasonal crafts, summer camp crafts, birthday party decor and theme-based crafts such as animals, cars and nature.

Example of an Arts and Crafts Blog: Red Ted Art is all about cute and easy crafts for kids. Maggy the owner of Red Ted Art is a mother of two and loves all things crafty. She loves sharing her ideas and How To’s.


16. Travel

What you can blog about: travel in the US, travel abroad, budgeting for travel, money saving tips for travel, discounts, travel hacks, travelling with kids, How to’s, trip itineraries and suggestions, best destinations, planning your trip, best hotels, best ways to travel (transportation), road trips, day trips and RVing.

Example of a travel blog: Traveling Mom is a team of moms that travel and share their experience with family travel. They blog about the best vacation spots, top family travel, discounts, tips and travel with or without the kids.


17. Social Media

What you can blog about: social media tips, social media growth hacks, social media consultancy, market your business with social media and How To’s for a social media platform,

Example of a social media blog: Louisa started Social Beeni as a place to teach women entrepreneurs how to market their business online.


18. Business and Entrepreneurship

What you can blog about: how to start a business, entrepreneurship, grow your business, running a business with family and kids, networking, business ideas, work from home businesses and how to overcome challenges with a business.

Example of a business blog: Brilliant Business Moms provides resources and information to help moms grow their business. It’s a community and support group of moms who understand growing a business is hard. They work with the mom bloggers, the Etsy shop owners, the retailers, the designers, the crafters, the photographers, the writers, and the DIYers.

Brilliant Business Moms

19. Single mom

What you can blog about: parenting, life as a single mom, dating, working as a single mom, challenges and successes of a single mom.

Example of a single mom blog: Wealthy Single Mommy is a blog about career, money, business, parenting, feminism, dating, sex, success, love and relationship advice. Emma Johnson started Wealthy Single Mommy after recognizing the huge need for community, information and inspiration for professional single mothers.

Wealthy Single Mommy

20. Knitting

What you can blog about: What you can blog about: knitting, knitting patterns, needles, yarn, tutorials and How To’s.

Example of a knitting blog: A Friend to Knit With was started by Leslie Friend in 2006. After her youngest went to kindergarten she started blogging. She talks about knitting, patterns, tutorials and cookies of the week. She also started a chalkboard placemat company called Chalk Lots.

A Friend to knit with

21. Photography

What you can blog about: photography, photography tips and tricks, how to make money with photography, photography equipment and tips for building a photography business.

Example of a photography blog: Clickin Moms is all about better photography.  You’ll get photography tutorials, pro tips, business advice, forums, a photo school, resources, gifts and more. There’s even a Click Away photography conference.Clickin Moms

22. Simple Living

What you can blog about: ways to simplify your life and home. Easy to cook meals, simple solutions to maintaining your home, solutions to life’s problems and money.

Example of a simple living blog: Living Well Spending Less, Ruth Soukop and her team show you how to eliminate overwhelm in your life and make room for the essentials. They provide everyday solutions and easy to use tools for all aspects of your life. Ruth also shows you how to start, grow and monetize your blog through the Elite Blog Academy. I’ve taken the course and recommend it for bloggers who are ready to take blogging seriously or have just started their blog but haven’t gained any traction with it. Enrollment is only open once a year!

Living Well Spending Less

23. Healthy Eating for Kids

What you can blog about: food, smoothie and snack recipes, quick and easy recipes, cooking with kids, resources for teaching kids about healthy food, healthy lunches and meal plans.

Example of a healthy eating blog: Super Healthy Kids inspires busy families to cook simply and eat healthy food. Started by two mom’s Amy and Natalie they offer recipes, meal plans and a free course.

Super Healthy Kids

24. Work at Home Jobs

What you can blog about: work at home jobs, make money from home ideas, lists of work at home jobs, flex jobs, resources for working at home, productivity and time management for work at home jobs.

Example of a work at home jobs blog: Angie Nelson is The Work at Home Wife. She provides resources for stay at home jobs, ideas, tools and advice to make money from home and work at home job leads.

The Work at Home Wife

25. Holistic Health

What you can blog about: holistic health, natural personal care products, natural remedies, natural cleaners, nutrition, natural medicine, holistic treatments and holistic coaching.

Example of a holistic health blog: The Holistic Mama blogs about natural skin care, remedies, nutrition and a healthy home. Roxanne is obsessed with clean living. After becoming a parent she was horrified by all the chemicals and harmful things in food, medicine, home products and personal care products. It became her mission to find safe and healthy alternatives.

The Holistic Mama

26. Baby Gear

What you can blog about: baby products, baby gear, safety tips, money saving tips, new products, cleaning and repairing.

Example of a baby gear blog: Baby Products Mom empowers parents with product and safety advice. The blog covers best of, buy guides, safety, travel and saving money. Sandra is the author of 10 books and appears on TV to help consumers make informed shopping decisions.

Baby Products Mom

27. Party Supplies and Gifts

What you can blog about: party supplies, party favors, party theme ideas, birthday and holiday decor ideas.

Example of a party supplies and gifts blog: Oh Happy Day just screams fun! Jordan Ferney, an event designer and mother of three started this blog as a design + lifestyle site that celebrates original design, projects and party ideas.

Oh Happy Day!

28. Interior Design

What you can blog about: interior design, decorating ideas, furniture, renovating, room makeovers and designing on a budget.

Example of a party supplies and gifts blog: Style by Emily Henderson is one of my favorite interior design blogs. They are a design/style LA-based company and specialize in mixing eclectic styles on moderate budgets.

Style By Emily Henderson

29. Homeschooling

What you can blog about: homeschooling tips and ideas, resources, printables, curriculum, deals, coupons and tips for mom.

Example of a homeschool blog: Erica is a Christian, wife, mother of four and the mom blogger of Confessions of a Homeschooler. It’s a blog full of homeschooling ideas, resources and printables. Confessions of a Homeschooler started as a way to share resources, ideas and encouraging tips on how to make your homeschool fun.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

30. Natural Living 

What you can blog about: Natural living, healthy lifestyles, natural products, healthy food, mindfulness, the environment and non-toxic beauty.

Example of a natural living blog: Mindful Momma is all about simple solutions for natural living, healthy food, non-toxic beauty and natural living. Micaela believes anyone can create a flexible, natural lifestyle without stress.

Mindful Momma

31. Activities for Kids

What you can blog about: Activities for babies, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, elementary and family.

Example of an activity blog: Kids Activities Blog is run by a team of moms on a mission to inspire kids with arts, crafts, games and learning activities.


32. Printables

What you can blog about: tools and resources for teaching, lessons and printables.

Example of a printable blog: The Measured Mom offers tools for teaching, book lists and over 500+ free printables for parents and teachers.

The Measured Mom

33. Couponing

What you can blog about: coupons, grocery and drugstore deals/coupons, freebies, money saving tips and online deals.

Example of a coupon blog: Stephanie Nelson is the Coupon Mom. Her blog offers free coupons, grocery coupons and deals, drugstore deals and more. She gives tips on the easiest way to save.


34. Scrapbooking

What you can blog about: scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, scrapbooking ideas, techniques and tutorials.

Example of a scrapbooking blog: Noreen from the Organized & Creative Mom is a wife, mom of two boys, teacher and scrapbooker. She loves to share ideas to help you organize, save and celebrate your important memories.

Organized & Creative Mom

35. Blogging

What you can blog about: starting a blog, how to blog, writing blog posts, blog traffic and making money from a blog.

Example of a blog about blogging: Suzi with Start a Mom Blog offers courses and ebooks to help you start a blog and business. She was an industrial engineer who became a stay at home mom and blogger. She’s warm and her blog is fun to read. I’ve taken her course and recommend it!

Start a Mom Blog

36. Personal Finance 

What you can blog about: personal finance tips, budgeting, money saving tips, money making ideas, debt pay off, earning more money, investing money, passive income and life goals.

Example of a personal finance blog: Since you’re already reading Live Well Grow Rich I’m going to recommend Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. She’s not a mom blogger but she earns over a million dollars a year from her personal finance blog. If you’re interested in blogging and making money with affiliate marketing Michelle’s definitely someone you want to know. I took her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and highly recommend it!

Making Sense of Cents

37. Virtual Assistant (VA)

What you can blog about: virtual assistant tools, setting up a virtual assistant business, virtual assistant services, virtual assistant jobs and tech services.

Example of a virtual assistant blog: Abbey is a mother of two and a work at home mom. She started The Virtual Savvy as a place to help women grow their virtual assistant business.

The Virtual Savvy

38. Freelance Writing

What you can blog about: how to get started, finding work as a freelance writer, freelance writing jobs, tips to being a better freelance writer and how to make money as a freelance writer.

Example of a freelance writing blog: Elna Cain is a professional online writer and mother of twins. I love reading her blogs. She is a wealth of knowledge and shares all of what she knows with her readers and students. She teaches others how to become a profitable and successful freelance writer. She’s a busy woman. She contributes to four blogs including Twins Mommy!

Elna Cain Freelance Writing

39. Frugal Living

What you can blog about: Tips for frugal living, DIY, living on less, saving on food, budgeting and finances.

Example of a frugal living blog: Fun Cheap or Free is where frugal gets a facelift. Jordan is a family finance and frugal living expert. Her mission’s to redefine frugal and teaches readers how to live an abundant life on any budget.

Fun Cheap or Free

What an incredible group of women. Are you feeling inspired? I am! Can you think of any other mom blogs that should be added to this list? Leave your comments below.

If you’re ready to get started check out my guide to How to Start a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide 2019.

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