33 Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples With Kids

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Getting out for date night after having kids can seem like a challenge. You’re tired, too busy or feel like you should be spending money on other things.

If you don’t have family nearby date night can feel like a splurge. With the babysitter, dinner and entertainment it can add up quickly costing $100’s of dollars for a few hours out.33 Cheap date night ideas for couples with kids p

If you’re short on time or money date night doesn’t have to go by the wayside. Here are 33 date night ideas that can be done inexpensively, at home, with or without a babysitter.

1. Movie night

Avoid the lines, stay home and watch an Amazon Prime or Netflix movie after the kids go to bed. Create an atmosphere. Light candles, make popcorn and get romantic with a warm blanket to snuggle under.

2. Go for a bike ride

Relax and reinvigorate yourselves with a bit of fresh air and nature. Ride local, take your bikes to the waterfront or find a bike path. If you don’t have bikes, rent or borrow them from friends.

3. Workout or do a yoga class together

If your gym has childcare take advantage of it. Use it as a way to get in shape an spend quality time with your partner. Those that play together stay together!

4. Have a wine and cheese night

Try a bottle of wine or food that’s new to both of you. Include things like cheese, tapenade, nuts, jams, crostini’s, crackers, olives, dates and fresh fruit.

5. Pack a picnic

Head to the park for a picnic or even just in your own backyard. Think mini sandwiches, fruit and maybe even a bottle of wine. Don’t forget the blanket and extra points if you have a picnic basket!

6. Watch the sunrise or sunset

Enjoy the simple things in life. Slow down and relax as you watch the sunrise or sunset together. Head to the beach, find a hilltop or rooftop to set the mood.

7. Try bowling

Bowling is casual, a little competitive and social if you want it to be. It’s physical without being exhausting and always fun!

8. Game night

The best part of at home game night is it doesn’t require a sitter. Pair game night with food or desserts and you have a full night. We love scrabble! Turn it up a bit and try strip scrabble.

9. Go for a long walk

Walk on the beach, in the woods or through downtown. Spend time together, exercise and take it all in device free.

10. Give each other a massage

Put on nice music, light the candles and give each other a massage. You don’t have to know what you’re doing here. Effort and attention go a long way.

11. Immerse yourself in nature

Surround yourself with flowers, plants and trees. Tour your nearest arboretum, botanical garden or local garden center.

12. Head to the museum

Curate a day or evening of art and culture. You won’t be lost for words surrounded by priceless art, ancient artefacts and science exhibits. Do your research before going. Some museums offer fun events geared towards adults and date night. Many are donation only or offer discounts on certain days.

13. Go antiquing

Do something different and explore an antique mall or antique stores. You don’t have to buy anything. It’s fun to just get a dose of history and see all the cool things.

14. Roast Marshmallows

Sit around a campfire together roasting marshmallows, chatting and sitting under the stars. A fire is always relaxing and fun.

15. Go to a U-pick

Find a local farm near you to pick fresh fruit. It’s nice to just be outside in the sunshine picking berries. You can continue the date later by eating your pick together, making jam or a pie.

16. Cook together

In a world where takeout and quick fixes fill the dinner table try slowing down together to prepare dinner or dessert.

17. Rent a kayak

Get out of the house and rent kayaks. Take a guided tour or meander your own way through the waters. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day in fresh air and a fun atmosphere.

18. Tackle a home project

Paint a room together or tackle something you can do together. Turn on fun music to get yourself going.

19. Volunteer together

Plant trees, collect food or build a home for habitat for humanity. Volunteering is a feel good and do good activity that benefits you and the people you’re helping.

20. Read a book together

Curl up in a hammock, on the couch or in bed and read a book. Follow up reading together with a nap. It’s the perfect way to recharge and restore.

21. Take a bath together

Turn your bath into a relaxing spa day. Light candles, listen to relaxing music and add some bubble bath. You can even take it a step further with a facemask and foot rub.

22. Tour your own town

Walk through your downtown and window shop. Visit local tourist destinations and hop on a tour bus if you have one.

23. Look up at the stars

Sit outside and look at the stars or go to your nearest observatory or planetarium. If you’re headed outside pack a cozy blanket, drinks and snacks.

24. Go to the bookstore

Head down to your local bookstore. Get a coffee/tea, a pastry and peruse the books together. Better yet find a seat and people watch.

25. Paint together

Get creative together! Paint something together or color a picture of each other. Raid the kid’s art supplies, go to a class or step it up with body paint.

26. Watch your wedding video or look through old pictures

Remember all the reasons you started your journey together. A trip down memory lane may be just what you both need.

27. Scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt at home or around town. Take advantage of all the free scavenger hunt lists and resources online or make your own. Download maps, clues and riddles. Did I mention this can be a lot of fun!

28. Play tennis

Get your blood pumping with a little exercise and competition. Play together or join a clinic.

29. Create a vision board

Create your own vision board or one together. A vision board is a great place to share your dreams, wishes and goals?

30. Home renovation folder

Ever dream about renovating a home? Get out magazines and create a folder with your dream home wish list.

31. Italian theme night

Make Italian food such as minestrone, pasta and cannolis and watch the Godfather.

32. Travel vision board

If you’re a Pinterest lover like me it’s easy to create a travel vision board. Talk, dream and plan all the places you want to go together. It’s motivating, exciting and inspiring.

33. Staycation.

Have a staycation. Stay at home or go check into a local hotel. Make an evening or a weekend of it. Sightsee or check out free local events. Unravel without the stress of travelling.

No matter what your budget you and your partner can enjoy a romantic fun time together. It can even be a regular thing. Pick a night of the week that works for both of you and start making plans!

Do you have any date night ideas you’d recommend? Leave them in the comments below!

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33 cheap date night ideas for couples with kids